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Inside The Greenroom | AYR

Dec 24, 2020

Welcome Psychiatrist and Coach Manuel Astruc and Speaker, Coach, and Owner Brian Bogert Inside the Greenroom!


With the New Year right around the corner, there is ever-growing anticipation for a reset, a clean slate, and a new mindset. As entrepreneurs and speakers, this is a good time to reflect and take inventory of our mindsets, habits, and routines. Running full speed ahead all year long has a propensity to let negative habits creep in. 


Today, you’ll get a look into the lives of Brian and Manuel as they speak to us about the importance of your story and how being aware of how you live life translates tenfold into your business. This conversation has the power to set 2021 up to be the year you create more impact, gain revenue while simultaneously reducing stress and burnout. 

Sound good? Then dive right in!


Manuel shares how you can move from negative habits that may be bringing burn out prematurely,  your choices carrying power, and how you can turn your “stress into success.” 


Brian will give you insight on just how important it is to be intentional, even in the small things to create space, and freedom in your home, business, and mind. 


Clean your slate, reduce stress, and live a happier, longer, fuller life!

Here’s what we cover:


  • Why your story is important
  • The difference between making money and making an impact
  • How to move from negative habits and create growth
  • How to get back to your most authentic selves
  • The importance of letting responsibilities to trickle down your business
  • Intentionally showing up in the small things
  • Matching energy whether you’re live or talking to a camera
  • How Brian and Manuel pivoted in the pandemic
  • Understanding your choice and its power
  • Aligning with who you are
  • And much more!



Connect with Manuel:



Connect with Brian:


Connect with Blair:



Connect with us:

Learn More About our Stage Agency: 


Influential Speakers in Manuel’s life: 


  • Jim Rohn


Influential Speakers in Brian’s life: 


  • Bill Shover


Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:28 Meet Manual and Brian
  • 1:38 Why Manual went into psychology
  • 4:32 What motivated Brian to start coaching
  • 9:50 How Manual came back from burn out and started coaching
  • 18:27 How Manual helps people break negative habits 
  • 23:16 The biggest challenges Brian’s clients have to overcome
  • 28:16 How to get more grounded
  • 31:09 How Brian leverages speaking
  • 36:20 How Manual and Brian have pivoted in 2020
  • 46:27 Manuals one piece of advice for you this year
  • 46:53 Brians one piece of advice for you this year
  • 48:59 The speakers who have impacted Brian and Manual the most

More About Manuel:

Psychiatrist and Coach. After working for over 50,000 hours as a psychiatrist helping people change, I began to suffer from burnout. I was fortunate enough to fight my way out of burnout. Now, along with my psychiatric practice, I also coach driven entrepreneurs who are stressed out, numbed out or burnt out to improve their mental fitness so they can turn stress to success and get their edge back to build a thriving business.


More About Brian:

President/Owner of the Brian Bogert Companies, LLC. Brian is a professional speaker and peak performance coach to executives, entrepreneurs, athletes and others looking to unlock what is inside. He lives his life by the “if and how I can help” principle, which impacts everything he touches. His ability to provide energy and encouragement to those he interacts with inspires them to make their best even better. The foundation for his work is to help others become more aware, and more intentional so they can become who they already are, their most authentic selves. These are essential for becoming a positive leader across business, community and family.In addition to performance coaching, Brian helps lead and expand the Phoenix office of Lockton Companies – a global insurance brokerage firm. Brian’s deep expertise and community-minded focus make him a strategic advocate for helping people protect and build their business’. Prior to joining Lockton, he was responsible for mentoring new producers across the nation at a publicly traded brokerage firm.