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Inside The Greenroom | AYR

Feb 6, 2020

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Welcome back to the second part of our very special 2-part series! 

Last week, I presented my biggest takeaways from all of the interviews I held on the Inside the Greenroom podcast in 2019, and many LOVED it, and went back to listen to previous episodes as a result. 

Today, I cover what’s working with stages in 2020 - both with running events, and speaking on stage. 

I share the five core things that make the best events in the world stand out, as well as thefive core ways the best speakers stand out amongst the competition. 

This is what is working NOW! I know the final part of our mini-series will be a gamechanger for you and set you up for a lot of success in 2020! 

Here are some of the major takeaways from today’s episode: 

  • A #1 factor that determines the longevity of an annual event (this is what separates those that will be around tomorrow vs. those that don’t last!) 
  • What you must take inventory of and care deeply about far in advance of the event start date to provide the best experience possible
  • A phrase you should avoid when filling your event (this sets the wrong intention for your attendees, and it’s a BIG reason why meeting planners see their numbers dropping) 
  • The power of a ticket map, and using it to your advantage to fill seats
  • The key to getting your audience to come back over and over again, and to rave about your event to their friends 
  • The TOP ways to STOP leaving revenue on the table (one of our clients boosted his revenue from $200k to $2 million based on this!)
  • The power of gifting, and how it can set you apart as a speaker
  • How to deliver the goods on stage using a multisensory approach
  • A big LIE speakers are told (or they believe to be true) when it comes to winning stages
  • The “marketing graveyard” that’s continually expanding, and why you should use the one marketing medium that will never die 


  • And much, much more!



P.S. - REACH Live 2020 is right around the corner, and it will be our BEST live event yet! Click here to get your tickets, and secure your seat. 


Quick Episode Summary:

  • 0:26 What do to except today!
  • 2:21 How you can help us grow
  • 2:46 Sneak peek at Reach Live
  • 4:30 The events that are experiencing growth in 2020
  • 6:35 Taking care of your stakeholders
  • 9:28 Language to avoid as a meeting planner
  • 11:46 How you can implement a ticket map
  • 17:30 What is working for speakers in 2020
  • 28:16 What stages I am on this year!