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Inside The Greenroom | AYR

Mar 25, 2021

Speak to Grow Your Business Challenge: Pitch 5 Virtual Stages in 5 Days

We believe your message matters, but the only person who can spread that message is you. Have you been spreading that message? 

This week on Inside The Greenroom we are excited to have Dolores Hirschmann with us again, as we talk about the importance of getting on as many digital platforms as possible. The future of events inevitably changed from live experiences to virtual ones, and now as things start to open up they’ve moved into these hybrid, half-live, half-virtual experiences that can influence way more people than we thought before. 

Think about the last year and how you may have pivoted as a speaker, an entrepreneur, and an event planner. Did you embrace the new wave of virtual events or hunker down and wait until things opened again? If you answered the latter, it may be time to jump into the pool of getting on digital platforms, virtual isn’t going anywhere and instead of shying away you can seize the opportunity to not only gain more ROI but create meaningful connections with your audience and strengthen your influence and impact. 

You have all of the tools you need right now to succeed with digital platforms and live events. So, we want to extend an invitation, a challenge, to pitch yourself to 5 virtual stages in 5 days! 

We’ll help you gain the confidence to put yourself out there digitally and gain some amazing insight from key speakers around the world. If you’ve ever listened to Inside the Greenroom you know we value the power of everyone’s individual story, and so we want to extend this offer to invest in yourself and help change the lives of other people. 

For more information, you can check out the links below! 

Here’s what we cover:

  • How you can bring more to your virtual stages
  • How the Speaker Agency came about 
  • The opportunity to make personal connections through virtual events
  • How you save the audience money while exceeding their expectations
  • The opportunity to scale your event to spread more impact
  • Why your focus doesn’t need to be on technology
  • Creating an engaging experience for every member of your audience
  • Why speakers need to get used to speaking virtually
  • Understanding the customer’s journey when selling from the stage
  • Using the tools you already have to grow your impact and influence
  • Accelerating your growth by investing in yourself
  • How you can stay ahead of the curve 
  • And much more!




Speak to Grow Your Business Challenge: Pitch 5 Virtual Stages in 5 Days


Connect with Dolores:


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Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:02 What to expect today
  • 1:21 Welcome back Dolores!
  • 2:35 How speakers are taking advantage of Online Stages
  • 6:58 the advantages of digital stages
  • 17:35 The Drive-In conferences
  • 22:25 A note to all the speakers who feel like digital stages aren’t their “thing”
  • 25:30 Your first date with your audience
  • 27:19 Making your content go further faster
  • 33:45 The History of our stage agency
  • 39:57 Where winners are made
  • 41:10 Dolores’ predictions on the market
  • 42:00 Don’t miss the Speak to Grow Your Business Challenge!


More About Dolores:


Dolores is an internationally recognized STRATEGIST & COACH. She helps clients clarify their “idea worth sharing”, design their communication strategies, and implement business growth systems. Her clients become speakers and authors and take their message to larger audiences like TEDx and beyond. She works through group coaching, workshops, one on one coaching, as well as public speaking. Dolores is a writer, TEDx Organizer, and participant in TED conferences. She is a CTI certified and ICF accredited coach and has a business degree from the Universidad de San Andres, Argentina. Originally from Buenos Aires, Dolores speaks fluent Spanish, English, and French and lives in Dartmouth, MA with her husband and four children.