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Inside The Greenroom | AYR

Jul 2, 2020

“Pivot, essential, shift, social distancing, testing, herd immunity.” These are all buzz words we are sick of hearing, but the fact is we have to learn how to live in the digital word.

If you have been to a Reach Live event, most likely one of your favorite parts of the event was the Speak Off. We like to say it’s like the “American Idol” of speaking. The energy is high, the crowd is buzzing and ten speakers fight their butterflies as they go head-to-head with only five minutes to speak to prove they are the best. 

Earlier this year, when we decided to have a digital-only event, Advance 360i, we had to reimagine the way we did the Speak Off. How could we bring that same energy to a digital stage?

Thanks to the AYR dream team, SAGE Events, and countless other people, we did it. 

In today’s episode, Blair interviews Liza Millan, Susie Beaty, Kera Wasserbach, Lea Woodford, Dolores Hirschmann, and LaVonna Roth, who were just some of the incredible judges that determined this year's winner.

Before they judged the Speak Off, they joined us in our private Facebook Group to give us the best practices and tips you need to know to learn how to bridge the gap between a pre-covid and post-covid world, what works, what doesn’t work, and how to show up powerfully on every digital stage as a speaker in 2020.

Meeting planners, learn the industry-changing tools that the best in the business are using to create a more engaging and impactful event and so much more. 


Here’s what we cover:

  • How to present better on zoom
  • How virtual events help with affordability and attendance
  • What tools to use and help with interaction and engagement
  • Smoothly breakthrough introversion virtually
  • How group conversations can lead to more connections for your participants
  • No nation is off limits with virtual
  • Go deeper, utilize the tools by recording the conversations, and even share digital tools together.
  • The opportunity for Strategic Partnerships 
  • Connections & bonds you can build digitally 
  • Identifying rules of engagement in the new territory
  • Speakers, body Language is still key: Eye contact, standing up vs sitting down, high-energy, not reading from a script.
  • Experience over accountability
  • And much more!


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Quick Episode Summary:

  • 0:02 What to expect today
  • 7:29 What tools to use as a meeting planner
  • 13:35 Model what others are doing
  • 18:37 Be in tune with
  • 21:00 How
  • 31:04 Don’t depend on the tools
  • 33:29 the importance of knowing your 'why'
  • 35:27 Connecting with the camera
  • 41:11 How the best meeting planners judge speakers
  • 49:33 The advantages of speaking past the keynote
  • 52:09 Serving with you expertises
  • 53:48 Other ways to promote your speakers
  • 57:11 Your events matter