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Inside The Greenroom | AYR

Mar 12, 2020

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Welcome, DeAnna Rogers from the Traffic & Conversion Summit, Inside the Greenroom!

In this episode, we discuss how to run and uplevel any type of live event, and how to keep all stakeholders involved happy for years into the future. We talk about planning, preparation, the importance of paying attention to small details, the importance of event vendors, and how to win and retain sponsors for your live events. 

On the speaker side of things, we talk about how to stand out as a speaker, and what to avoid at all costs if you want to land highly desirable stages. 

DeAnna Rogers has been coordinating and directing events for 15 years. She started with smaller real estate events in the Austin area with as low as 20 attendees, and then grew to running large international events with audiences as large as 10,000. She is currently the Events Director at Digital Marketer, is responsible for one of the largest marketing events called Traffic & Conversion Summit, also known as T&C, along with other events such as WarRoom Mastermind, Certified Partner Program, and a new event called Content & Commerce Summit. DeAnna and her team produce over 30 live events around the globe every year.


Here’s what we cover: 

  • What to avoid when you first start out in running events, and where to place your focus and energy to get the best results
  • The key procedures Deanna follows to make sure she knocks it out of the park for her attendees
  • How to compel your attendees and sponsors to keep coming back to your events, and grow your brand year after year (following this one principle has been a gamechanger for Deanna’s events!)
  • The first thing you should look at when you start planning an event
  • The importance of vendors, and what your goal should be when selecting them for the first time
  • The “little details” that are part of the customer experience that you should never overlook
  • Best ways to get sponsors for your events (Traffic and Conversions used over 250 sponsors last event!)
  • An “untapped resource” you can implement to get connected with sponsors or vendors for your event
  • A key trait to express with your sponsors, especially when you’re just starting out and have no prior success
  • How to structure packages for your sponsors and make it a win-win for their participation
  • Ways to add a “wow” factor to your sponsors, and make them feel good about their decision to work with you at your event 
  • The “ownership mentality” to have at all times when dealing with sponsors (you’ll hear a story of this principle in action, which caused a sponsor to stay with her for 8 years and counting!)
  • The speakers Deanna avoids during the selection process
  • How to make a lasting impact as a speaker (Deanna shares a story of a superstar speaker she observed at one of her events who had the audience captivated, which later caused everyone on social media to talk about the event afterwards)
  • And much more!





Quick Episode Summary:

  • 0.02 What to expect today
  • 2:34 Welcome Deanna inside the green room!
  • 3:16 How Deanna got started in the biz
  • 5:50 Why Deanna loves what she does
  • 11:30 How to sell out bigger rooms
  • 14:21 The importance of communicating
  • 15:47 Why you need to have a high value for relationships
  • 18:11 The biggest mistakes to avoid as a meeting planner
  • 21:00 How to do sponsorship right
  • 36:03 How to have a great mastermind event
  • 39:32 How to land a stage ran by Deanna
  • 44:25 The speaker who has impacted Deanna the most
  • 45:39 Deanna’s favorite up and coming speaker
  • 46:28 Why live events are so important
  • 48:26 Deanna’s favorite moment inside a greenroom
  • 51:35 My biggest takeaways