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Inside The Greenroom | AYR

Feb 27, 2020

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Welcome, John Lee Dumas, the Founder & Host of the Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast, Inside the Greenroom!


In this episode, we discuss everything related to one of the most powerful online stages out there - podcasts - and there’s no better person to talk about this than John Lee Dumas. JLD was considered a “first mover” in this industry because he did something NO ONE else was doing at the time, and something both of his mentors advised AGAINST doing, which is starting a DAILY podcast. Today, JLD is heading into his 8th year in a row of NETTING multiple 7-figures per year from his podcast alone. 


We discuss the opportunities to get started in the podcasting world today, how to build your audience, how to monetize your audience, how to win other podcasts as a guest speaker, and much more! 


John Lee Dumas is an American podcaster, internet personality, and entrepreneur. After bouncing around from the military, where he served in Iraq, to law school, to corporate life, to tech startups, and even commercial real estate - he was searching to find his calling, and eager to do something that both inspired him and inspired others. Today, he’s largely credited as one of the major names in podcasting, hosting what is probably the most successful daily podcast in business, Entrepreneur On Fire. EOF is an award-winning podcast where he interviews inspiring Entrepreneurs who are truly ON FIRE. His podcast has over 2,400 episodes, 1 million+ listens a month, and generates 7-figures in annual revenue. 


Here’s what we cover: 

  • How to spot opportunities to get started in the world of podcasting 
  • The power of the “first mover” advantage in podcasting
  • What to avoid when starting out in building your own podcast 
  • Where to find the average podcast listener 
  • How to build your audience by guest speaking on other people’s podcasts
  • How to get people to go deeper with your products & services when speaking on a podcast (yes, people are usually multitasking while listening and it may seem difficult - but there’s a way to do it!)
  • How to leverage your own audience to compile a list of potential guests for your podcast 
  • A simple yet highly effective strategy you can use to research and reach out to the top 200 podcasts in your niche or industry
  • And much more!



Quick Episode Summary:

  • 0:02 What to expect today!
  • 4:11 Welcome JLD Inside The Greenroom!
  • 6:31 How much revenue John has generated from his podcast
  • 10:12 How EOF started
  • 18:05 How to grow your podcast
  • 23:19 How many podcast John is on per month
  • 30:30 How to have a successful CTA on podcast
  • 36:33 The best of the best
  • 38:26 Sneak peek at mine and Kim’s new podcast!
  • 42:27 Monitazision ideas for a non-business podcat
  • 45:00 What it takes to have a great podcast episode
  • 46:42 How to land any podcast
  • 52:30 The speakers who have impacted John the most
  • 54:16 Why live events are still important
  • 55:27 John’s favorite moment inside a greenroom
  • 58:48 My biggest takeaways