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Inside The Greenroom | AYR

Feb 13, 2020

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Welcome, Alex Cattoni, Co-Host of the Flight Club Mastermind, Inside the Greenroom!

In this episode, we discuss the concept of wearing a “Captain’s Hat,” and how it can help your ability to both speak at ANY event, and run them too. We get into practical detail on the common mistakes you should avoid at events, how to deliver your talk, and how to incentivize speakers at your event to give the best presentation possible! 

We mostly talk about mastermind events in this episode, but this advice is applicable to ANY event! 

Alex Cattoni is a copywriter, speaker, creator of the Copy Posse Launch Pad Coaching Program, and Co-thost of the Flight Club Mastermind. She is a multi-passionate entrepreneur and creative mind behind multiple businesses and highly valued brands. Since starting Cattoni Creative in 2011, she launched several successful brands and have proudly partnered with many of the hottest transformational authors and businesses on the planet, writing high-converting sales copy, scaling multi-million dollar brands, and crafting iconic promotional campaigns.

Here’s what we cover: 

  • How to construct the feeling of exclusivity at your mastermind events
  • How to avoid letting attendees down when inviting new speakers to your event
  • A mistake you should avoid at the beginning of your event (this can get you off track for the rest of the day!)
  • Little touches you can implement into your events to make attendees feel special 
  • How to implement friendly competition among the speakers at your event to incentivize them to bring their A-game!
  • A mistake speakers make when presenting highly specialized content, and how to avoid it 
  • What most attendees CRAVE when watching speakers
  • The #1 rule at most masterminds that most speakers must follow (break this and the meeting planner may kick you off stage!)
  • Running an event? Here’s the one part you should memorize, word for word
  • And much more!

Quick Episode Summary:

  • will be done


Speakers that Impacted The Interviewee’s Life:

  • Brendon Burchard
  • Mat Boggs

Up & Coming Speakers that the world needs to know about: 


  • Conner Beaton 
  • Mat Groves (check the recording on this name) 
  • Selena Grave (money boss
  • Jeremy Goldberg (long distance love bombs) 


Quick Episode Summary:

  • 0.02 What to expect today!
  • 3:13 Welcome Alex inside the greenroom
  • 3:31 How Alex and I met
  • 5:09 Alex’s industry background
  • 8:27 How giving feedback opened doors for Alex
  • 9:28 One of Alex’s core values as an event planner
  • 11:16 How to add credibility to your speakers
  • 15:37 How Alex has practically up-leveled their event
  • 17:15 The most common mistake event planners make
  • 18:52 What you can learn from Alex’s mistakes
  • 22:51 What is the captain’s hat
  • 30:09 What your audience is hungry for
  • 33:26 What NOT to do as a speaker
  • 38:00 The speakers who have impacted Alex the most
  • 39:02 The best up and coming speakers
  • 41:03 Why live events and masters minds are still important
  • 42:35 Alex’s favorite moment inside the greenroom
  • 46:21 My biggest takeaways


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