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Inside The Greenroom | AYR

Dec 31, 2020

Welcome owners of marketing and consulting firm Half a Bubble Out and co-authors Kathryn and Michael Redman Inside the Greenroom!


As entrepreneurs, we dream big. We dream of ways to create revenue was to have more impact,  and we dream of ways to gain more influence to help change the world.


However, for many of...

Dec 24, 2020

Welcome Psychiatrist and Coach Manuel Astruc and Speaker, Coach, and Owner Brian Bogert Inside the Greenroom!


With the New Year right around the corner, there is ever-growing anticipation for a reset, a clean slate, and a new mindset. As entrepreneurs and speakers, this is a good time to reflect and take inventory of...

Dec 17, 2020

Welcome Elite Coach and Mentor Todd Herman Inside the Greenroom!

The past year has brought up so many challenges, socially, in business, and even racially. As speakers, as meeting planners, and as entrepreneurs it is important for us to bring clarity, and action to our communities, businesses, and our industry. 


Dec 10, 2020

Welcome powerhouse entrepreneur and mindset guru, Anthony Trucks Inside The Greenroom! 

We all know that our industry calls for innovation, and being able to pivot at the drop of a hat, but what if you dug deeper into what makes 

Today we get some mind-expanding insight from Anthony as he talks about how you...

Dec 3, 2020

Welcome multilingual leadership communication expert, and author Krister Ungerböck and  Founder & CEO of reCalibrate Cheryl Lynn Mobley to Inside The Greenroom! 

As entrepreneurs, speakers, and meeting planners we are the leaders that usher in a better tomorrow. But what exactly makes a great leader, and how can...