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Inside The Greenroom | AYR

Sep 24, 2021

Welcome back to Inside The Greenroom! Today you’re in for a treat. Hit play to get into the mind of meeting planners who control some of the most powerful stages in the world. If you’ve been listening for a while you may recognize some of the names and they are back with brand new insight into how you can upgrade your speaking skills and land the right stages to spread your impact. 

Join us as we speak with David Meltzer, Pedro Adao, Nicole Mixdorf, Anthony Trucks, and Deanna Rogers about their stages, what they look for when hiring speakers, and how they create unforgettable experiences through their events. This panel-style conversation is filled with information about how you can upgrade every area of your business, from nailing a stage to trying new resources and bringing your most authentic self to the audience. 

Listen in as these powerhouses give key insight into their perspective of the audience and the right questions to ask when interviewing for the stage. You’ll hear the best tips and practices on how to avoid bombing while you’re on stage, knowing exactly where you fit within an event, and how to give the most value while also growing your business. We talk about the importance of keeping a connection with your audience and how you can generate sales without being pitchy. You do not want to miss this wealth of information that could transform your career and set you on a path that changes not just your life but those around you as well. 

Here’s a short recap of what we cover:

From Nicole Mixdorf:

  • Why you should ask the meeting planner about their audience. 
  • Practical speaker tips to nail an interview
  • Chooses speakers who can connect with the audience and are an expert in their area.

From David Metzler

  • What is Streamyard and how to use it
  • How to use LinkedIn as a stage, and how to use it to break through the noise
  • Tips to avoid bombing on stage
  • The power of Clubhouse
  • Understanding the power of when you are positioned on someone else's stage
  • Credibility within the connection: People buy on emotion for logical reasons.

From Pedro Adao:

  • What he looks for in a speaker
  • Why he joined the Stage Agency
  • The best way to save your TIME when winning stages
  • Pedro’s biggest turn-offs when hiring speakers at his events
  • Be humble and make it about the audience
  • Don't make the event planner wonder why you are there!

From Anthony Trucks:

  • “When you can find something you love to do, that people love to see you do - that's the sweet spot”
  • The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement”
  • Dreaming bigger and the importance of listening not just hearing
  • What he looks for in a speaker: Those who are willing to "go there" 



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Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:02 - What we cover today
  • 0:28 - Introducing Nicole 
  • 6:22 - Transitioning into online
  • 12:00 - Introducing David Meltzer
  • 17:55 - The power of being on other people's stages
  • 23:30 - How to get David's attention
  • 28:33 - The chance to get on David's stage
  • 29:38 - Introducing Pedro Adao
  • 33:16 - Ho to save time and make more
  • 39:08 - Making it clear why you were hired
  • 44:09 - Finding the through line
  • 45:42 - Introducing Anthony Trucks
  • 50:50 - The beauty of communication
  • 54:48 - Making real connections with transparency
  • 59:01 - Building trust with consistency
  • 1:06:58 - Backstage look with Pedro and Anthony
  • 1:10:30 - Why you shouldn't wait
  • 1:15:23 - How they visualize their events
  • 1:20:35 - Talking to the decision-makers
  • 1:24:57 - The speaker's rituals before going on stage
  • 1:30:48 - How you can build your platform


More About David:

David Meltzer is the Co-Founder of Sports 1 Marketing and formerly served as CEO of the renowned Leigh (“Lee”) Steinberg Sports & Entertainment agency, which was the inspiration for the movie Jerry Maguire. David has been recognized by Variety Magazine as their Sports Humanitarian of the Year and awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honor. His life’s mission is to empower OVER 1 BILLION people to be happy! This simple yet powerful mission has led him on an incredible journey to provide one thing…VALUE

More About Nicole:

Nicole Mixdorf is the Chief Wellness Officer of Balance by Nature and was recently awarded as the 'Most Influential Woman in Corporate Wellness Services USA 2020' by Acquisition INTL Magazine as part of their 2020 Global Excellence Awards. She was also awarded as a 'Top 100 Healthcare Leader in the World 2020' by the International Forum on Advancements in Healthcare. Nicole is a motivational leader who inspires people to be the absolute best that they can be. She spent over a decade working her way up the corporate ladder in a global firm, until she experienced the debilitating health consequences of a stressful work environment. After healing her body, she launched Balance by Nature in 2012 to inspire busy professionals to create more balance in their lives and thrive.

More About Anthony:

Anthony Trucks is a serial entrepreneur with one serious superpower. The power to shift with shifting times and help people start attaining their most ambitious desires as quickly as this month. He teaches people how to use the power of identity to achieve their dreams. Which is why he created The Shift Method. A process and a company focused on helping people close their “Identity Gaps” that are responsible for the shortfalls in their potential and lack of success. He then helps them upgrade how they operate so that the hard things become easy, which means more success in all areas of their life. It’s time to Make Shift Happen.

More About Pedro:

Pedro Adao. He’s had a number of successes on a number of fronts. He’s a long-time

entrepreneur, a Two-Comma Click Funnel winner and he’s also the founder of the 100X Academy. In short, he’s living what I’d call a “Faith-Infused Business” and we’re going to talk about what it means and why it matters!

More About David:

DeAnna Rogers has been coordinating and directing events for 15 years. She started with smaller real estate events in the Austin area with as low as 20 attendees, and then grew to running large international events with audiences as large as 10,000. She is currently the Events Director at Digital Marketer, is responsible for one of the largest marketing events called Traffic & Conversion Summit, also known as T&C, along with other events such as WarRoom Mastermind, Certified Partner Program, and a new event called Content & Commerce Summit. DeAnna and her team produce over 30 live events around the globe a year and helps run one of the largest marketing events in the world, the Traffic & Conversion Summit.