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Inside The Greenroom | AYR

Nov 21, 2019

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Welcome, Michelle Norris from Paleo f(x)™, Inside the Greenroom! 

Paleo f(x)™ is the world’s largest Paleo event in the world, which has been running for 8 years, with an attendance of over 8,000 at the latest event! 

In this episode, we discuss key learning lessons from an “in the trenches” entrepreneur with nearly a decade of experience running her own events. We cover the 3 main revenue generating activities she found to work best with events, her pricing strategy, how to save money on logistical costs, and the best way to impact the maximum number of people. 

Michelle Norris is a former corporate warrior, trained chef and multi-potentialite

whose personal health issues and struggles with traditional medical orthodoxy

inspired her to upend the way the world tackles health, wellness, and prosperity.


She soon became one of Paleo’s most outspoken evangelists, then co-founded

and is now CEO of Paleo f(x) ™, the largest Paleo event in the world. She’s a

passionate speaker, motivator and guiding light to those seeking deliverance

from a broken healthcare system and disabled economic system. Having left

the corporate grind far behind, she is now a serial entrepreneur in the health

and wellness space, and a tireless firebrand for advancing the Paleo movement;

a cultural reawakening of self-empowerment for the 21st century.

We Also Cover:

  • One of the most important things you should be thinking about to convey to your team, and get them pumped up and motivated for your event
  • What Michelle did correctly right off the bat when starting her 8 year journey of running her own events (even though the first year wasn’t profitable, she always did this one thing right) 
  • Are you mission-motivated or money-motivated? Learn about a “lightbulb moment” Michelle had when speaking with a mentor that made her realize how to impact the maximum number of people 
  • A new type of revenue source Michelle has discovered from stages
  • A counterintuitive approach to Michelle’s pricing strategy that worked in her favor
  • The power of having exhibitors and sponsors at your event
  • An important lesson in running the logistical side of events: here’s how to avoid paying TRIPLE the price for hotels, airfare, AV, rental cars, etc. 
  • Do you need to be a big name speaker to land an event? Learn how Michelle vets her speakers
  • What to avoid at all costs if you want to speak on someone else’s stage


  • And much more! 


Connect with Michelle Norris:


Impact on Michelle’s Life 

Rising Speaker Stars: 

Quick Episode Summary:

  • 0:27 Welcome Michelle inside the greenroom!
  • 0:53 What is Paleo f(x)™
  • 2:17 How many people attend Paleo f(x)™
  • 3:27 Michelle's why
  • 6:37 What you can learn from Michelle's mistakes
  • 11:28 The revenue sources of Paleo f(x)™
  • 16:32 What event planners can learn
  • 17:32 How to land the Paleo f(x)™ stage
  • 21:37 The most important thing about Michelle's speakers
  • 22:46 Why Paleo f(x)™ has successful panels
  • 26:02 The speakers who have impacted Michelle the most
  • 27:03 Michelle's favorite up and coming speakers
  • 29:36 Why live events are still important
  • 31:28 Michelle's favorite moment inside a green room