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Inside The Greenroom | AYR

Dec 5, 2019

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Today, you’re in for a treat with a SPECIAL Inside the Greenroom Episode! 

Recently, we hosted a 9+ hour-long Livestream, also called Inside the Greenroom. We interviewed some of the world’s TOP meeting planners who control thousands of dream stages in over 16 niches. 

We interviewed about two dozen people over the full-day marathon. And today, my team has hand-selected 6 of the BEST interviews, and we’re merging them together for one amazing episode! 

You’ll hear from: 

  • Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income
  • Dean Graziosi of Knowledge Business Blueprint (and many other stages)
  • Stu McLaren of Tribe Live
  • Dolores Hirshmann of a highly desirable “Red Circle Stage” (listen to the full episode to learn what this is!) 
  • Dave Woodward of Clickfunnels
  • Jennifer Allwood of Equipped Conference 

Be prepared to learn several golden nuggets from 6 different experts who represent 6 different fields! 

Here’s what we cover: 

  • The power and convenience of online stages, and how easy it can be to scale your business if you land the right ones
  • Why you must always place your community first, and how to curate the best content for them
  • What the world is CRAVING when watching a speaker
  • Impact vs. financial success...which one should you choose? (the answer may surprise you!) 
  • How to stand out as a speaker, and be well received by both the audience and the meeting planner
  • Speaking on someone else’s stage? Learn the best practices to be respectful to their community
  • The power of what a certain “Red Circle Stage” stage can do to your business, and how to land one (including two “from scratch” success stories)
  • The two things that truly matter when trying to land a Red Circle Stage stage, PLUS major things to avoid when applying for one
  • Here’s what trumps EVERYTHING when it comes to standing out (even among big name speakers) 
  • Do you hate traveling and speaking on physical stages? Try out these amazing alternatives (perfect for busy mom’s or home-bodies)
  • How to build your audience, and serve them for the long-term
  • And much more!




Quick Episode Summary:

  • 00:2 What to expect today!
  • 3:27 Welcome Dave Woodward
  • 7:59 How Clickfunnels uses physical stages
  • 13:26 Welcome Dean Graziosi
  • 16:06 Dean's advice to speakers
  • 26:17 Welcome Jennifer Allwood
  • 26:51 How Jennifer Allwood overcame stage fright
  • 35:31 Welcome Pat Flynn
  • 36:08 The power of online stages
  • 39:52 The Pat Flynn effect
  • 47:04 Welcome Dolores Hirshmann
  • 54:19 Welcome Stu McLaren
  • 1:10:09 My Biggest takeaways