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Inside The Greenroom | AYR

Dec 10, 2020

Welcome powerhouse entrepreneur and mindset guru, Anthony Trucks Inside The Greenroom! 

We all know that our industry calls for innovation, and being able to pivot at the drop of a hat, but what if you dug deeper into what makes 

Today we get some mind-expanding insight from Anthony as he talks about how you can grow your business, gain revenue, and love what you do just by understanding who YOU are. Anthony has grown from athlete to entrepreneur and one thing that has come up the most is identity, he’ll talk about how you can gain more knowledge through being “disgustingly” consistent with what and who you are. 

When you can see who you are, you can fix blind spots in marriage, health, and even your business. 

You’ll also get some great information on the tools that will shift your mindset, allowing you the freedom to experiment and open a world of possibilities, to create more meaningful impact, gain revenue, scale your business,  and grow your influence. 

The plan for 2021 is here, and it all has to do with YOU!


Here’s what we cover:

  • How to plan and strategize at a big level 
  • How to be consistent both professionally and personally 
  • Why you should be experimenting right now
  • The importance of “Multi-streaming”
  • How Anthony made more impact during 2020
  • Why identity is important 
  • What is holding your business back
  • Tools for shifting your mindset
  • And much more!





Connect with Anthony:

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Influential Speakers in Anthony’s life: 

  • Tamara Lowe
  • Brendon Buchard


Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 1:47 Get to know Anthony
  • 8:40 How Anthony discovered his passions
  • 13:49 How Anthony helps people think differently
  • 18:50 Finding your core identity
  • 24:33 The biggest thing that holds people back
  • 33:11 The speakers who have impacted Anthony the most
  • 36:17 The importance of scaling
  • 42:12 Anthony’s advice for struggling businesses
  • 44:17 Fail and move forward


More About Anthony:

Anthony Trucks is a serial entrepreneur with one serious superpower. The power to shift with shifting times and help people start attaining their most ambitious desires as quickly as this month. He teaches people how to use the power of identity to achieve their dreams. Which is why he created The Shift Method. A process and a company focused on helping people close their “Identity Gaps” that are responsible for the shortfalls in their potential and lack of success. He then helps them upgrade how they operate so that the hard things become easy, which means more success in all areas of their life. It’s time to Make Shift Happen.